Best Buy

Order Instructions

Make the call first!

  • Do not take a Purchase Order directly to Best Buy.
  • Orders cannot be place with the local store.

Best Buy has a unique procedure for accepting purchase orders. You must follow the instructions below!

These instructions are for Departmental PO’s under $3,000.
Requisitions $3,001 and over will be handled by a buyer.

1. Find What you want. You can go to the Best Buy store or visit their WEBSITE to obtain part numbers and prices for your items.

2. Create a purchase order in the system. You will need this number when ordering your items.

3. Place your order. To place your order, call 1-800-373-3050(Most orders are fulfilled within one hour.)

4. Pickup. When your order is ready, the local Best Buy will contact you for pickup. You must take a copy of the purchase order and a photo ID (ie..NMSU ID, driver’s license) with you to pick up the items. Best Buy will not allow pickup without the purchase order or the ID.

If you have any questions or problems with your order or the procedure, please call the Central Purchasing Office (575) 646-2916.