The following websites have specific NMSU pricing (see NMSU pricing agreement list for other computer agreements).You need to either generate quotes from these websites or contact the representative to get the best possible pricing. Best price is online for Dell unless ordering over 50 client systems or a larger enterprise project. “For HP items, please contact their sales rep for best pricing.”




Representative: Andreo Martins


Representative: Mark Robbins


P: 888.202-4682


Representative: Scott Tyson

P: 512.513-9385


Web Address:

F: 866.501-8291


Representative: David Kohl

P: 888.202-4682 ext 70133

Dell Icon

For Faculty and Staff personal purchases

Member # US27829817

Apple computer logo and link to website

Apple Computers can ONLY be purchased directly from Apple via purchase order or through the NMSU Bookstore via interdepartmental charge.

Representative: Chad Jones

P: 800.800-2775 ext 46912


Last Updated: 5/11/2011